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7-5-04 There is a new version available that fixes a few minor things. Additionally I will be traveling for several months starting very shortly and will not be able to work on the project for quite some time. I may check in from time to time but won't be able to do much. Thanks very much to all the folks that have written in about their experiences with the program. Its much appreciated!

5-4-04 Well at long last I've put together another package and released it. Read the Changelog here and the README here. Please let me know what you think of this new release and if you have any problems. So now go to the download page and try it!

9-18-03 I've been really busy lately and have not had a chance to do much with the project. I apologize if I have not responded to email or have been slow in getting back to you. Lots of folks have asked for xinerama support. I will try to support it. Also, there are a few changes in CVS that are not in 0.2.5 for the adventurous. :-)

3-24-03 Version 0.2.5 is available. See the Changelog here and the README here. Also I've been getting a core dump in 3ddeskd at first activation but I think it's happening in OpenGL. I'm still trying to track this down, but if this happens just run 3ddeskd again, it works the second time.

2-23-03 If you are using fluxbox download and recompile fluxbox 0.1.4 with this patch. It is so fluxbox updates the workspace info 3ddesktop needs to know which workspace is current.

1-9-03 Darren Winter came up with this groovy add-on for 3ddesktop called 3ddeskfx. Check it out. More info in the download section.

11-25-02 Made a release with some minor bugfixes. Sorry no rpms. The rpms I have of previous releases are nVidia specific anyway. I might have some rpms at a later time.

11-02 There is a new item in the FAQ about KDE3. There is also a new item about how to set a keybinding in Metacity/Redhat 8.0. Check it out.

11-02 My video card is broken so I haven't been doing anything on 3ddesktop lately. The card freezes my system somewhat randomly 2 mins after I start X. Runs fine without hardware accel though. I guess I've run one too many bad OpenGL programs.

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